Top 3 Best HP Sublimation Printers in 2022

In this article we will guide you about Top 3 Best HP Sublimation Printers in 2022 we have tested these and will try our best to guide your for better option.

When it comes to sublimation printing, HP and sublimation printers are among the very best on the market. HP has made it possible for more people to experience this style of printing, which was previously only feasible with high-end printers. In the past, high-end printers were the only ones that could print in this manner. When compared to other printers, HP printers have more colour accuracy and may produce higher-quality prints. These are just two of the many advantages that come with utilizing an HP printer for sublimation. Moreover people also like best Best budget Sublimation Printer for Circuit.

Best HP sublimation Printer

Because of its low price and outstanding print quality, the HP sublimation printer is considered to be one of the best available on the market today. Printing at a resolution of 8192 dots per inch makes it an excellent choice for digital design work.

How to select the most appropriate HP printer for sublimation printing

If you are thinking about buying a sublimation printer, one other key consideration to make is what kinds of things you will print with the printer. The kind of printed material that you require will be determined by the kind and scope of your firm. The sublimation print for commercial usage and the sublimation print for personal use are the two most frequent varieties. Resolution is a term that refers to an image’s level of detail, and it should be high enough that even minute features are not lost during the printing process.

In case you are unclear about the ideas behind sublimation printers, companies make use of them to produce promotional goods or promotional materials such as t-shirts, mugs, and caps using these printers.

Items such as t-shirts, hats, mugs, and other things used for decorating the home can be purchased under the category of “personal use.” You can produce thoughtful presents for close friends and family members by having personal items printed on a sublimation printer.

Top 3 Best HP Sublimation Printers in 2022 

If you are interested in purchasing an HP sublimation printer, have a look at our comparison of the three models that we believe to be the most capable available today and consider purchasing one of the models that we highlight below.

1. HP Stitch S1000 Dye-Sub Printer:

HP Stitch S1000 Dye-Sub

The Stitch S1000 is a dye sublimation printer with a width of 126 inches that delivers a new level of innovation to high production businesses.

ModelHP Stitch S1000
WeightMaximum roll 661 lb. (300 kg)
Product Dimensions574 x 138 x 167 cm (228 x 54 x 66 in)
ConnectivityGigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T)
Inkcyan, magenta, yellow, black
Maximum ResolutionUp to 1200 x 600 dpi
Cartridge Size10L
Supported Paper Sizes25-inch to 126-inch rolls
Table chart of HP Stitch S1000 Dye-Sub Printer

This allows these businesses to more easily meet deadlines by offering faster printing speeds, higher uptime, and unattended shifts. Fully automatic maintenance provides optimal image quality without the need for user interaction, saving time by making it easy for a single operator to load and unload media, while also requiring no user input.

Front side of HP Stitch S1000 Dye-Sub sublimation printer
Front side of HP Stitch S1000 Dye-Sub sublimation printer

Thermal inkjet printer from HP for use with dye sublimation ink

The HP Stitch S1000 is an excellent choice for both medium and large print service providers that wish to increase their output of textile applications for the soft signage sector. These applications include backlits, frontlits, and interior décor items such as curtains, upholstery, and couches.

The following are some of the benefits offered by the HP Stitch S1000 for high-volume production:

  • High-productivity: High productivity modes allow you to meet short deadlines and seasonal surges in production. You can obtain a maximum production speed of up to 220 m2/h and a backlit speed of up to 130 sqm/h with these modes.
  • Image quality is achieved through HP’s Drop&Dry technology. Image quality that can be relied upon, because of the Smart Nozzle Compensation System. Even when printing at the greatest speeds, the optical media advance sensor known as the OMAS Plus is responsible for controlling media advance. This includes both transfer paper and fabric materials.
  • Printing of an exceptional quality is achieved with HP Stitch thanks to its native resolution of 1200 dots per inch for its thermal inkjet printheads. This results in printouts with rich blacks and vibrant colours.
  • Capacity: High unattended printing capabilities with supplies that hold up to 10 liters and rolls that weigh up to 300 kg.

Our Verdict.

This particular HP printer is the most suitable for sublimation printing. To have a printing machine that can produce huge volumes or is efficient, putting your printing company on the safe side is a choice that is either needed or sustainable. On the HP Stitch S1000, all of the functions that a printing agency like yours will require are already integrated, and the printer will produce high-quality prints for you. Therefore, you should give this sublimation printer a shot.

Our Score


  • Productivity at a high level. Even at the busiest times of the year, you will still be able to meet your commitments thanks to the device’s high processing speed.

  • Superior picture quality It creates prints that are crisp as well as photographs that are dependable and are of a high grade. It is equipped with a sophisticated optical mechanism that regulates how the image is printed on various types of media.

  • Printing of a high quality. The printer comes equipped with printing heads that can generate high-quality prints in a variety of colours at a resolution of 1200 dpi.

  • Large carrying capacity It may supply you with a high printing capability, allowing you to cover unattended activities in a short amount of time, which can help maximize your production.

  • Maintaining a consistent hue In order to achieve consistent colour printing over the cloth, the colour is disseminated evenly and uniformly across the surface.


  • So costly. Rarely found in retail establishments. It is not accessible in the vast majority of retail online retailers, but you can check the official website of the vendor and place an order there.

2. HP Stitch S500 Sublimation Printer:

HP Stitch S500

The HP Stitch S500 is yet another excellent choice for the role of finest HP printer for sublimation that you might play in the operation of your company. It Has upto 110m

Because of its high level of technological sophistication, it is an excellent choice for transferring prints either directly into fabric or onto paper. Because you can automate the workflow without having to monitor it, it offers the greatest convenience in terms of usage. The printer has a storage capacity that is sufficient for big fabric rolls, as well as paper and ink. Because you can recycle or repair their thermal print heads so readily, working with them is simple and uncomplicated.

Streamline your manufacturing process.

  • The symmetrical layout of two CMYK printheads allows for a rapid printing speed while also creating colours that are highly saturated.
  • Print a complete shift without any supervision or leave it running overnight with the largest media rolls and enormous ink supply.
  • Maintain command and increase operational efficiency with real-time fleet management and support from HP Smart Services.

Reduce your expenses while simultaneously increasing your level of productivity.

  • When utilising lightweight transfer paper in conjunction with the Drop & Dry system, you can cut down on the costs of your media while also preventing cockling.
  • Printheads with a resolution of 1200 dpi and a system called Smart Nozzle Compensation can help reduce the need for reprints and the amount of media that is wasted.
  • The first dye-sub printer to feature front media loading has reduced floor space requirements by fifty percent.

HP SmartColor provides colour that you can depend on.

  • You can distribute jobs across your fleet with complete assurance knowing that the colour quality will remain consistent from one printer to the next.
  • The built-in spectrophotometer allows for accurate colour reproduction over time, regardless of whether or not the surrounding conditions change.
  • Emulation of PANTONE® can help you achieve the closest possible visual match and detect automatically if a colour is outside of its gamut.
  • Create colour profiles quickly and easily in a fraction of the time4, or use finished profiles from our online repository.

Changing Inks While the Printing Is In Progress

You won’t need to worry about the production having to be halted in order to change the inks on the HP Stitch S500. Because there are 775ml subtanks onboard.

Our Verdict.

It is a sublimation printer from HP that is designed for printing, in particular on paper or fabric that is intended for sublimation printing. To fulfil the requirements of your dye-sublimation printing, this is the most capable printer available with the full range of features. Therefore, have confidence in this printer because it will supply you with the ideal professional solution that you will require in the future.

Our Score


  • Reliable. You are able to automate the workflow, even to the point where printing can be done without your presence or supervision.

  • Simple upkeep required. You won’t have any trouble getting the hang of operating this printer thanks to its user-friendly design. For example, the print heads can be recycled or replaced with as little as one hand’s worth of effort.

  • Universal. You can either print directly onto the fabric with this printer or transfer the prints to paper. Both options are available to you.

  • Free licence. If you purchase this printer from Sawgrass, you will be eligible to receive a free licence that grants you access to their online creative studio.

  • Multiple options for connection. It offers a variety of connectivity options, and you can use it in a variety of ways. For instance, they offer gigabit connectivity, which is the industry standard for the fastest connection interface, and you can use it.


  • Although it is costly, in the long run it will be well worth the investment.

3. HP Stich S300 Printer for Sublimation:

HP Stich S300 Printer

You can have short product description here. It can be added as and enable/disable toggle option from which user can have control on it.

The HP Stich S300 is yet another brilliant answer for HP’s sublimation printing needs in the year 2022. You can depend on this printer if you are looking for a comprehensive solution in 2022 for the sublimation printer. If this is the case, you can use it. When it comes to colour distribution or maintaining consistency from one printer to the next, the printer is among the best available options. 

Therefore, if you need to get accurate colour regardless of the environmental conditions, you will not have to worry about the consistency of the colour thanks to the spectrophotometer that is built right into the device. In addition, it is a better printer when it comes to transferring the prints onto the fabric or paper. Because this is a high-quality device, you won’t have to perform any unanticipated preventive maintenance, which will lead to an increase in your productivity.

HP SmartColor provides colour that you can depend on.

You can distribute jobs across your fleet with complete assurance knowing that the colour quality will remain consistent from one printer to the next. The built-in spectrophotometer allows for accurate colour reproduction over time, regardless of whether or not the surrounding conditions change. Emulation of PANTONE® can help you achieve the closest possible visual match and detect automatically if a colour is outside of its gamut. 

A versatile, safe investment.

Printing on transfer paper and printing directly onto fabric can be accomplished with excellent results using a single device. This printer, which loads media from the front, can save you up to thirty percent of the floor space you’re currently using. With the help of preventative maintenance from HP Smart Services, you can keep your production ready and avoid unanticipated costs.

You can rely on HP for a comprehensive solution.

In order to give you complete peace of mind, the printer, ink, media, and software have all been meticulously crafted to be fully compatible with one another. With a resolution of 1200 dpi and the Smart Nozzle Compensation system, you will achieve the desired level of print quality. Cut down on the costs of both downtime and service. You now have the ability to replace the printheads on your own for the first time. Automatic maintenance will ensure that you are always ready to print outstanding quality while reducing the need for manual interventions.

Our Verdict.

On this list, the HP sublimation printer being discussed here has the lowest price. additionally, if you have high-demand dye printing jobs, this printer is one of the most efficient options available. You won’t have any trouble gaining access to the material or using it, and at the same time, you can appreciate how crisp and vivid the prints are. As a result, it is a printer that is recommended, and additionally, it is a wonderful printer to own.

Our Score


  • Maintaining a consistent hue The spectrophotometer is a built-in component of the printer, and it plays an important role in ensuring that the media has a consistent colour distribution.

  • Choice with regard to versatility. You have a variety of options available to you when you have it. You could, for instance, use it on athletic wear, fashion, and a great many other things.

  • It is a comprehensive answer to the problem. The system is made up of a variety of sub-devices and solutions that collaborate with one another to achieve high and maximum levels of productivity.


  • Overall good 
  • Expensive


When it comes to sublimation, can I use an HP printer?

Yes. Some printers, such as those used in the office or at home, cannot be utilised in the sublimation printing process. The ink on the paper is distributed by these printers via thermal heat processing; if you convert them to sublimation, the images they produce will not be clear. 

Is it true that HP produces printers that can sublimate?

If your printer supports the sublimation technology, then you can certainly make a sublimation printer. If it is possible, it is in your best interest to take advantage of it because doing so will enable you to avoid spending a significant amount of money on the acquisition of a new sublimation printer.

How exactly do HP printers work when it comes to sublimation?

There are some HP models that are incapable of being used for sublimation. There are only a few models of HP printers that are capable of sublimation, and these models are the only ones that use UV ink or support the sublimation technology. Alternatively, if you purchase an HP printer that is capable of heat transfer, it may be able to produce a superior end product for you. Therefore, when shopping for HP printers, look for the models that were built with the sublimation technology, as this will ensure that you will not experience any difficulties when using the printers for sublimation.

I have an HP printer; is it possible to convert it to a sublimation printer?

The HP printer can, in fact, be converted to a sublimation printer; however, this is not possible with all HP printer models. However, the series of HP printers that you can convert into UV ink printers are the only ones that support printing with UV ink. These printers will be able to print on sublimation paper as well as fabric. Take note that this particular model of HP printer is both expensive and massive, and that its primary application is in industrial settings.


You now have access to a comprehensive analysis of the top three Top 3 Best HP Sublimation Printers in available in 2022 thanks to this article. You can depend without a doubt on this curated list because the printers have been subjected to thorough analysis, research, and testing. They are top-rated models in the industry and are working hard to provide you with the most satisfying outcome. If you have still query let us know our team will let you know the solution.

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