How to remove sublimation ink from your clothes?

How to remove sublimation ink from your clothes? – 3 different methods to help you

The sublimation ink is a great way to decorate your T-shirt but sometimes you may need to remove it no matter if it’s an accident or you changed your mind about the design. Moreover Also depend upon quality printer and after testing on different printing best Sawgrass Sublimation Printer could be better option. You may check out sawgrass sublimation printer sg500.

There are several methods to that answer How to remove sublimation ink from your clothes, some of them are easier than others. Here are the three most popular options you can use to remove the sublimation ink from the fabric. Also Check 5 Best Sublimation Inks of 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide it may help you choosing right ink for right purpose.

What is Sublimation Ink? 

Sublimation ink is a type of specialized ink that is used in the process of printing sublimation transfers on T-shirts. It’s used in other processes as well as in a variety of other applications. Sublimation ink is different from other types of ink because it doesn’t contain any solvents and it creates a very long-lasting print on a variety of different fabrics. That’s why it’s the preferred method for printing sublimation transfers on T-shirts. 

Sublimation printing started emerging as a big industry in the last decade especially in America and Europe. Since 2018 many companies have been established that deal in sublimation like epson, printerjake, hipoo etc. Now it is growing rapidly and has a big market share. You can also read how to start a sublimation business.

However, when using sublimation ink, some special steps must be taken to ensure that the ink doesn’t stain the fabric. While sublimation ink stains can be removed, there are some risks involved in removing them from fabrics that are made from polyester, nylon, or spandex. 

It is important to note that during the cleaning procedure, you should proceed slowly and ensure not to damage your garment. Similarly, this method will work exceptionally well on garments with sublimation prints on them. This includes sweatshirts and tank tops, as well as older photographs printed on fabric that might otherwise be seen as unusable due to fading or other issues. 

Below there are three different methods that will help you to remove sublimation ink from your clothes or any other fabric. Now we will continue to How to remove sublimation ink with easy and tested methods.

Method 1:

1. Denatured Spirits

1. Denatured Spirits
1. Denatured Spirits

Dip your fabric in denatured alcohol for 20 minutes. It dissolves the dye without causing an effect on the material. The solution also removes any ink stain following sublimation and degreasing. After dipping for 20 minutes, press the fabric between 2 washed paper towels. After passing the material with denatured alcohol, you can soak it for an additional fifteen minutes. 

2. Aluminum foil

2. Aluminum foil
2. Aluminum foil

Use a parallel sheet of aluminum foil to set up your workspace. Show that the surface is well ventilated. The fans are helping in drying. Paper towels, denatured alcohol, and CH3OH are all essential requirements.

3. Ironing the fabric 

After the drying fabric, iron it for a few minutes more with aluminum foil on the peak. More the material will be stiffer, the easier the further working process will be. This step is important if you want your shirt’s good quality to remain unchanged. 

4. Polymer Crystal and Mix Denatured Alcohol 

Denatured alcohol and polymer crystal mixture should be now available for use. Pour two tablespoons of polymer crystals in a small cup. When you add enough alcohol to mix them thoroughly, the liquid looks hazy when you stir them. By breaking a clean paper towel with distilled water and then ringing it out, have a surety that it is damped but not soaking wet. Add the polymer solution over the paper towel. 

5. Paper Towels 

5. Paper Towels 
5. Paper Towels 

To prevent burning the paper towels, place them beneath the iron. During ironing, don’t apply too much pressure. Allow it to cool completely before you contact the fabric. This is critical as things pretend to stick together when they are hot. If you touch them while wearing gloves, they cannot be handled because they are too hot. 

Method 02:

This method brings the best results as compared to other methods. That’s why almost 80% people use and recommend this method. 

1. Rubbing alcohol 

There are many ways to remove sublimation ink from fabrics. There are many approaches for removing sublimation ink from the material. Here are a few steps. Initially, we required a small amount of clean towel and rubbing alcohol. Apply rubbing alcohol on the sublimation ink. Then press down on this wet area with a clean fabric to remove the ink. Repeat this process until the sublimation ink stains are completely removed. 

2. Steam cleaner 

A steam cleaner will assist in removing the ink stain so it can be cleared away. Be sure to test a small surface of the fabric first to ensure that the steam cleaner does not affect the material. 

3. Submerge the fabric in hot water 

This will assist in softening the ink and make it easier to remove. 

4. Laundry detergent 

Make sure to follow the rules and regulations on the packaging, as different detergents need different ways to apply. 

5. Apply a solvent 

Make sure to apply this method on a small shirt surface first, as some solvents can affect the fabric. 

Method. No.03

This method is also an easy one especially if you are a beginner and don’t know much about chemicals. 

Chemicals for removal; 

There is another solution for removing sublimation ink from fabrics. This way of eliminating sublimation ink stains from material takes much longer time than the first one. This method is mainly used for more significant errors. Denatured alcohol, water, Aluminum foil, polymer crystals, paper towels, and iron are needed for this strategy. 

Step 1: 

The first step is to spread numerous layers of aluminum foil on the table or the area, depending on your working site. This will help to keep your workspace pollution-free. It will help if you also have a little fan so that it dries quickly instead of waiting hours. 

Step 2: 

Then, fill a container with denatured alcohol and pour the fabric into it. Ensure the fabric’s stained portion is completely dipped in the bowl. Allow the cloth to soak in the solution for 16 to 25 minutes. This will ensure that the sublimation ink is decomposed. This makes the ink to erase easily without causing any damage to the cloth. 

Step 3: 

After the cloth has been kept in the solution for about 20 minutes, take it out from the bowl of denatured alcohol. Now use the paper towels and gently pat the fabric between them. In this process, paper towels have absorbed the liquid and removed from the material. 

Step 4: 

Use the hot iron after adding some more layers of paper towels below and above the cloth. You must prevent using the iron on its peak setting, as this will only affect the fabric. Also, note not to press too with the hot iron. Keep the paper towels moving continuously below the iron. 

Step 5: 

When you have completed the fourth step, and the cloth is fully dry, pour it on aluminum foil and iron it for a few moments. Then, collect a few polymer crystals with denatured alcohol in a bowl and thoroughly mix them. After that, pat it lightly using a damp paper towel. Then soak it in the polymer solution before dabbing it onto the fabric. 

This process will ensure that the sublimation ink stain is removed and that the material remains undamaged so that you can also work on it again in the future.

If you have followed any of the above methods, you can now easily remove the sublimation ink stains or prints from your clothes. So, I hope this article might have helped you in this regard. But still if you have any problem regarding removing those sublimation ink stains from your clothes, feel free to ask in the comment box. 

Safety should always be your number one priority when working with sublimation inks. Be sure to take all necessary precautions to protect yourself and those around you from potential harm. Wear gloves and a mask when handling the inks, and work in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling fumes. If you come into contact with the ink, wash your skin thoroughly and immediately. Sublimation inks can be dangerous if not used properly, so always take Safety First!.

Faqs | How to remove sublimation ink from your clothes?

Does vinegar remove sublimation ink?

Vinegar is an aqueous solution of acetic acid and trace compounds that may include flavorings. Vinegar typically contains 5–8% acetic acid by volume. finally results you may get after about a good hour and a half of scrubbing and keeping it white vinegar. It will completely gone all of the sublimation Ink would have been removed using the scraper.

Does sublimation come off in the wash?

When you are using sublimation printing, it mixes with the fabric and so does with the water which eventually results in the fading of the ink. bleach the shirt for the last try. Washing in bleach has a huge impact on fading of the ink from the clothes.


Now, you know How to remove sublimation ink from your clothes? that has been sublimated through sublimation printing process. Moreover there are many ways, we’ve shown only the 3 easy and most common and useful ones here.

In these step-by-step processes of sublimation ink removal from shirt or clothes, we have tested these methods 1 by 1 and now finally we have helped you through this article. Furthermore you will be reducing the chance of remaining stained by following the process from start to finish. If all of your tries fail because of a prolonged and permanent sublimation ink stains, bleach the shirt in the water for the last try, but make sure you have tried above method first because there could be high chances of damaging the fabric.

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