About Us

My name is Samitha, and I’d like to tell you about us and how it started. My desire to sublimate my own personal items prompted me to start working in the sublimation printing industry more than ten years ago. I am a lawyer by profession, but I have always been fascinated by the sublimation process.

On this printer’s jet, I try to share what I’ve learned in ten years in the hopes of saving your time and improving the quality of your sublimation process. On this website, I’ll also discuss my review of printers and other tools used during the sublimation process. If you have any further questions about a sublimation product or anything else, please contact us.

about us printersjet
about us printers jet

we just started me and Sardar Abdul this brilliant idea of teaching our readers the best and easiest way to do each and everything in sublimation printers, a combination of sublimation inks how to use the perfect combination of different ink their reviews with added benefits of our years of experience our mission is t provide you the best and easiest of the way of conveying our experience in sublimation field to you in an easy way. We don’t know what changes will be on sublimation in a week or in a month.

How it all began printersjet
How it all began printersjet

We do what we want for as long as we want, always trying out new experiences.