5 Best Sublimation Paper in 2023

These 5 best sublimation papers in 2023 offer you wide compatibility, high versatility, top quality, and clear sharp, and vivid prints.

The dye sublimation business is not only profitable and extremely fruitful but is also frustrating and tough as you have to put keen attention, and thorough effort, and have to meet the deadlines of the given tasks. You have to deal with the clients and you have to constantly produce products with outstanding quality printing. There are so many ways to help you make your dye sublimation business easy and more productive but what affects the quality of the printing most, is the presence of the best possible essentials and gears.

And best sublimation papers are one of the most important supplies in dye sublimation printing. You’re at the right place as we are now going to tell you about the five best papers in 2023 that are not only recommended by professionals but also highly positively reviewed on Amazon. We have tried our best to elaborate on everything related to them including their features and specifications to help you guys select the best one according to your need. Let us now look at the details below.

5 Best Sublimation Papers in 2023

If you are confused and are looking for the best guide to help you in selecting the best paper in 2023 you will love this piece of writing. We are going to provide you with all the necessary information related to the product you’re searching for. Read the details below with all of your attention so that you can have the best experience of using the most adequate sublimation paper based on the project’s demand.

1. HTVRONT Sublimation Paper


  • UV resistant 
  • Precise and concise results of printing 
  • Washable 
  • Biodegradable construction material

HTVRONT Sublimation Paper is my top favorite sublimation paper for 2023 that is compatible with inkjet printing and makes sure to provide you with the best possible printing results. This sublimation paper provides you with vibrant colors and ensures to give you printing results with excellent details, clear and concise corners, and edges.

The premium quality of these sublimation papers can tolerate repeated washes, sunshine, ultraviolet rays, wrinkling, and high temperature. These papers are known to tolerate every kind of strain and pressure without getting cracks or any kind of peeling in any way. Moreover, the paper size is 8.5 inches into 11 inches, making it ideal for sublimation on t-shirts, puzzles, canvas, bags, ceramic, phone cases, and metal plates.

This makes the paper versatile and ideal for multipurpose printing. Moreover, at an affordable price, you will love how these sheets give you class printing results ensuring you can have sharp, vivid, and vibrant colors. Furthermore, the sheet count is 150 in one package, meaning you will get 150 sheets per purchase.


  • 150 papers per package 
  • Extremely fast and quick drying 
  • Offers vibrant colors


  • Can cause paper jamming

HTVRONT Sublimation Paper is one of the most reliable sublimation papers that comes in 150 counts per package and is available in standard size. It is not only affordable but also provides you with clear and concise images and printing results that are sharp, vivid, and vibrant colors to give you the best printing experience.

2. A-SUB Sublimation Paper


  • Ideal for ceramics, tiles, phone cases, and metal plates
  • Perfect for DIY purposes
  • White in color 
  • 8.5 into 11 inches standard size

A-SUB Sublimation Paper is one of the best sublimation papers in 2023 because of the quality of print it gives its users. These sheets are versatile and ideal for application on a wide range of materials and substrates, with high-quality polyester and 30% cotton content.

The paper is versatile. So you can also use it for the application of printing on ceramics and tiles, phone cases, and metal plates. One of the most important things about this sublimation paper is that it is ideal for application on light-colored materials, making it useful for printing on t-shirts and tea cups.

Additionally to this, the sheets dry fastly and quickly without creating a mess or other problems for the user. These sheets are compatible with a wide variety of printers and because of being versatile, they are highly popular among other options in our list of top 5. Moreover, for those looking for a sublimation printer with fast drying characteristics, this one would be the best choice that you can make.


  • 98% transfer rate 
  • Ideal for light and white colors 
  • Quick and fast dry 
  • 110 sheets per package 


  • At times gives very light prints

A-SUB Sublimation Paper is one of the best papers if you are looking for versatile sublimation papers. The package comes in 110 counts and is available in a standard size which is 8.5 inches into 11 inches. If you are looking for versatile sublimation papers for both DIY and professional purposes, this one would be the best choice that you can make.

3. Hiipoo Sublimation 


  • Offers smooth printing 
  • Quick drying 
  • High transfer rate 
  • Comes with instructions

This sublimation paper belongs to one of the most reliable companies manufacturing sublimation papers and other accessories used for sublimation businesses. If you are looking for a printer to dry quickly this one would be the best choice that you can make. If you have a heavy workload and are dealing with a bigger workload these sublimation papers will give you effortless printing within no time.

Moreover, because of being easy to use and widely compatible with most printers, the Hiipoo Sublimation Paper is one of the best sublimation papers to manage heavy workloads quickly. Furthermore, in addition to quick dryness, these sublimation papers are widely applicable to ceramic plate polyester tumblers, puzzle bags, mugs, cups, and other fabrics, mainly light-colored ones.

Since I have experience using these papers, I can say that the result of printing these provides you with is unmatchable to other competitive sheets here. This package comes with a detailed description of instructions pasted on the back of the package, so that those beginners who are dealing with the papers for the very first time, can read the details and understand the usage easily.


  • Widely applicable 
  • Ideal for DIY gifts 
  • Easy to use 


  • Some sheet come already ruined

Hiipoo Sublimation Paper is another highly reliable sublimation paper that is widely applicable for printing purposes on most products. There are 110 sheets 8.5 inches to 11 inches in size in this package and are ideal for light-colored fabrics. Moreover, because of being compatible with most printers, this is one of the most popular and trustworthy sublimation sheets that you can purchase.

4. Printers Jack Sublimation Paper


  • Widely compatible with most the printers
  • 8.3 into 11.7 inches size 
  • 100 sheets per package 
  • Effortless to use

Printers Jack Sublimation Paper is one of the best sublimation papers with 8.3 inches into 11.7 inches size that is widely compatible with Epson, HP, Canon, Sawgrass, and other renowned brands manufacturing the sublimation printers. This sublimation paper because of its wide compatibility with most printers is one of the popular options here.

The presence of 100 sheets at an affordable price, makes it worth spending money on. You can have the best experience of printing and can get the best, clear, concise, sharp, and vibrant printing designs and results with these Printer Jack Sublimation Papers. The high quality of construction provides a 98% transfer rate that ensures the print you have made is not only fast drying but also minimizes fading and is resistant to ultraviolet rays.

Moreover, because of being easy to use and effortless to apply, Printers Jack Sublimation Papers are ideal for beginners, mainly those who are starting their dye sublimation business and are looking for the procedures to help them initiate their business in a good way.


  • Quick drying 
  • Offers no fracturing 
  • Vivid and vibrant colors


  • Lacks in quality

Printers Jack Sublimation Paper comes in 8.3 inches into 11.7 inches sizes and is known for its wide compatibility with most printers. Whether you have a sublimation printer from Epson, HP, Canon, or Sawgrass, you can purchase these sheets and can have the best quality printed designs. Moreover, because of being easy to use and efficient, these sheets are reliable for beginners too.

5. KingTac sublimation Paper


  • Widely applicable 
  • Offers vibrant colors in prints
  • 98% transfer rate 
  • 100 sheets per package 

Those looking for vibrant colors and higher transfer efficiency should go with this KingTac Sublimation Paper that not only provides the user with extremely attractive prints but also makes it easier for the user to take out the prints with clear shades. The presence of a 98% transfer rate, fast drying, no fading, and no peeling off, results in making these papers ideal for most professionals. 

Whether you are looking for sublimation paper for DIY purposes or are looking for sheets to have professional printing results, these would be the best choice that you can make. The long-lasting results with outstanding stability and zero cases of paper jamming make these sheets ideal for most professional users.

Moreover, if you are looking for sheets to tolerate high-volume printing and heavy workload these would be the best choice because these papers can tolerate deeper prints that demand high volume and pressure. Additionally to all of these the high tolerance against temperature and minimization of cracking, wrinkling and fading make these papers stand out among other options in this list.


  • Ideal for professional users 
  • Can tolerate high temperatures
  • Belongs to the reliable company 


  • Difficult to use 

KingTac Sublimation Paper 8.5 x 11 Inch is one of the best sublimation papers in 2023 that is used by most professional users and is known to provide outstanding final prints. These papers are known to tolerate high temperatures, in addition to minimization in wrinkling and cracking making them suitable for both DIY and professional purposes.

Guide To Pick The Best Sublimation Papers in 2023

Running a dye sublimation business is quite easy but to make your business valuable and famous you have to make sure that you are using quality products and accessories. Going with the best sublimation papers can favor you positively and for this, you have to keep some of the important things in mind that are elaborated on below. Look for these features when purchasing the sublimation papers to make your purchase worth spending money.

Paper Size 

Looking for the adequate size of the sublimation paper is one of the important things that you should focus on when selecting the best sublimation paper. Size refers to what dimensions of a paper sheet you are going to use in your printer. Make sure the one you’re purchasing fits exactly according to your design and the needs of the project. 

Although the standard size of the sublimation papers is A4 which is 8.5 to 11 inches, still there are different sizes available. Keeping this in mind, you need to pick the adequate size to have the best possible results of sublimation printing so that you won’t end up ruining your time, effort, and money on a useless paper.

Types Of Printing Paper

They are different types of sublimation papers that are available in the market. Not every type of paper can print the way you want. This is another important thing that you should have to pay attention to when purchasing the sublimation paper. Keep your attention on your project and ask yourself what type of paper you will need. I will recommend you look for online help and get the paper that you think is most adequate and appropriate according to your need. 


Always look for printer paper that is durable and long-lasting. You should never purchase and spend much on papers that shift up or start to curl after the printing procedure. This tells us that they are not made up of quality construction material and will not hold up the ink for longer. 

This is mainly important when you are all looking for the paper to print for fabrics like t-shirts, shawls or pillow covers, or bed sheets. This is because these items often are washed and not-so-durable sublimation papers will not hold the ink for longer, ultimately resulting in giving you poor printing that is easy to wash. 

Paper Weight 

The paper weight of sublimation paper is another important thing that you should focus on when buying the papers. You have to keep an eye on the ream’s weight of the sublimation paper. For example, 500 sheets will be termed as one ream and the standard paper ream for printing is around 20 lbs. Now as you purchase the papers and the ream of those papers is not 20 lbs, instead is somewhere more or less than 20 lbs, I will recommend you to avoid them and look for the paper with standard ream weight. And that is 20 lbs for 500 sheets.

Number Of Papers In A Package 

When purchasing the sublimation papers you have to look for how many papers you are purchasing because if you are working on one project it demands 500 products, and the sublimation paper that you have selected comes with 200 sheets in a package you should not go with them. This is because there are times when you do not find the same paper again in the market. Keeping this in mind, look for the number of papers you need, to get the same papers for the same task to give you the same results of printing.

Quality Of Paper 

Look for high-quality sublimation papers because high-quality construction of sublimation papers makes sure that they are not peeled off or faded away. The paper should be UV resistant so that sunlight does not affect its look. Keeping this in mind go for branded sublimation papers to have the best experience of long-lasting and durable sublimation printing results.  

Compatibility Of Paper

One of the most important things that you should focus on when purchasing sublimation papers is their compatibility with the printer you have. If the paper you are spending money on and purchasing is not compatible with the printer you have, it is not a good option and it’s a waste of money. Keeping this in mind, always make sure that the paper you are purchasing is compatible with the printer model you have.


Is thicker sublimation paper better?

Yes, according to my analysis and practical experience thicker sublimation papers are better for designing and transferring the ink for a durable time. This is because thicker papers can tolerate more pressure as compared to thin paper. Moreover thicker sublimation papers are better at holding the sublimation ink for a longer time giving you high-quality, clear, and concise printing results. 

Which sublimation paper is best for a mug?

Style LITE is one of the most affordable sublimation papers that is budget friendly to most users. It is ideal for printing on mugs because it offers sharp, clear, and concise image transfer, ultimately making the design look more appealing and attractive. Moreover, the Style LITE also offers a great release of ink, mainly on hard substrates, making it ideal for them.

Do you need special paper for sublimation?

Yes of course you have to purchase special papers for sublimation printing. These papers are known as sublimation papers or inkjet papers compatible with sublimation inks and sublimation printers. Keep in mind that regular and standard papers cannot be used for sublimation printing. And if you try them, they not only will ruin your printing but also will give you poor designs.

How can I get the most vibrant sublimation results?

The following important things should be kept in mind if you really want to have the best vibrant and stunning sublimation results. Go with high-quality sublimation ink and try to spend money on highly qualitative sublimation papers. Never compromise on the printer, if you really want to have the best sublimation results. Moreover, keep your attention and stay focused so that you can have the best experience of printing.

Do sublimation tumblers scratch easily?

Sublimation printing basically transfers the ink to the components of the substrate. With this transference, the ink becomes a permanent part of the substrate material on which it is transferred. This ensures that the sublimation printing neither scratches off nor gets peeled off in any way. This means sublimation tumblers do not easily scratch, fade out, or get peeled off in any way.

Final Thoughts 

Above mentioned article tells you about the five best sublimation papers in 2023 that you can rely on and can have the best possible experience of sublimation printing. All of these products we have selected belong to different companies and are different in their characteristics and features. For your ease and convenience, I have elaborated the key features in bullets and have also specified their advantages and disadvantages. 

Moreover, at the end of the article, I tried my best to explain the features that you should pay attention to in sublimation papers to make them best for you, according to your need and the project’s demand. Look for those features and descriptions of them, so that you can purchase the most reliable paper. 

As a reviewer, I will recommend you to go with,

  • Hiipoo Sublimation Papers, which are easy to use and are 110 in number. These sublimation sheets can deal with heavy workloads because of their quick drying functioning and effortless usage. 
  • Printers Jack Sublimation Paper because they are effortless to use and are known for being widely compatible with most printers belonging to different brands.
  • HTVRONT Sublimation Paper provides highly concise, clear, vivid, and sharp printing results. These papers are biodegradable in construction material and are known to provide durable and long-lasting printed designs.

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